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Emancipation- A breakup with my breakup

So it’s been 6 months that I have broken up from a 13-year-old relationship.  It has been a roller coaster ride since.Bouts of depression, a flurry of happiness, coupled with some excitement and apprehensions. Through it all, one thing that has been constant has been introspection.  The eternal whining post a breakup – why me? why us? I really loved him, we were really happy together- wait there, were we???

That got me thinking, what was I with him? and What am I without? Not too sound too poetic, but then it dawned upon me. My love for him was turning into a poison for myself. I was looking for a shelter in a battlefield.  I had stopped listening to myself, stooped paying heed to my instinct. Was it really love then?

 I was majorly taken for granted, and somewhere I enjoyed that. Hah! what a fool.  I kept ignoring the signs, I was so blinded by love for him that I couldn’t love myself.  I was hardly ever valued for my opinions, or rather my whole existence. Tall tales are basically what kept me going and believing that one day I will be happy with this guy who apparently loved me ( fun fact is that even his closest friends confessed that if it were them in his place, and if it was love, then they would have done anything to not to let it go) Well, well coming back to my story of the spineless prince, who couldn’t stand up for me for the love he professed he had for me ( meh!)  So towards the end of our relationship when I started gettng strong signals that he is not actually into me, I had blogged about it. Being the nonconfrontational-subdued-diffident- and all the other similar adjectives you could attach to me-  I was snubbed for having written such a blog, I had actually spoken my heart out! Oh my god what an achievement you’d say but at that point, what a blasphemy! I have opened up a can of worms which eventually devoured the little crumbs of the remaining relationship! As a diffident person, I blamed myself to no end, bawling continuously for days, calling and texting, begging and still getting badgered by rude responses I kept my hopes high that he would come back to me. Still not realising that my lousy-spinless-prince charming didn’t have an ounce of grace or decency as you may call, to even video call me to end our relationship. ( what a no-brainer- you’d say!)

In those times of crisis does one realise one’s true relations.  A younger brother who had suddenly grown up to laugh at me and showing me the mirror that for all these years I had ignored. A Soul Sister fro childhood pulling me out of the situation and giving me a new life. A baby sister standing right by my side despite the strong currents of depression. And of course, parents who kept me afloat through it all.

Funnily enough through it, I also encountered “Friends” who ransacked the story out of me only to make it the talk of the town- (You know what happened??). Oh also a common friend between my lousy spineless ex and I, who had tried to make moves on me when I was already in the relationship ( sadly I had even confessed to my ex but hey what do you expect? ) of course grabbed the opportunity, this is time more verbal, to tell me that he doesn’t regret all that he has done in the past even more so because my great ex and his best friend didn’t confront him! ( Dude, haven’t you heard of CONSENT)  but yours truly diffident couldn’t speak up even this.

I guess I must stop this rant now and finally come to the point.  Today I feel liberated I am not judged, don’t care if I am. I am not ashamed of the blog post I had written and thankfully by some instinct I had taken the screenshots before taking it down.  Hoping that through this I will somewhere manage to save a similar me residing somewhere else.

Unabashedly yours

P.S- Would really appreciate if you left a comment regarding your feeling about this post, or if you have any tips to go through a breakup, or if you relate to any of this, or just a simple hi.  I would love to connect with like-minded people and learn from them 🙂

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A part of me

And suddenly I stopped waking
Up to a hope, of signs from you.
A decade and a quarter with you
Vanished , just like that!
We rolled all our memories
And smoked them away.
Perhaps I should have never
trusted you with my life.
Maybe I didn't, when you
Promised to never go.
Maybe I didn't, when you
Said you don't love.
I wish one day we realise
The value of what we had.
Until then I wish you well
And I move ahead,
hoping to find love again.
Not anymore, no grudges held.
You just gave up and pushed me
Off the cliff. You saved yourself.
I concur to the difficulty of
Facing your true self.
You became weaker and I,Could no
Longer hold you up. You were
right, maybe we never were
meant to be. Yet we are
left and forever will
be ,with a part of
you and me.
To one

The lost wait

Beyond the nightfall 
Before the dawn, 
There's is a world of dreams 
In which I meet you. 
Crossing the threshold of reality 
Embracing the lucid, fluidity,
I feel you,holding me from 
Breaking apart.  

Waking up to the world, not ours,  
I yearn for that moment of love. 
Having not found it I turn onto 
The light and wait for it to pass. 
You, had  left. Perhaps I was
Late.You didn't wait and I,
Never stopped waiting.
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Soul Love


"Love? What is that? nothing
but a figment of my imagination"
Lingering, longing, lasting love
Simmering and steaming with passion.
Upon the first glimpse
One is blinded with the glare of desire.
Looking closely, it is a shield of metal.
What the world sees as an epitome,
Is as hollow as inside of a tomb."

The mind knows to differentiate
it cannot love anyone without 
loving itself. "Who ever I love, 
said he, must reciprocate."

But the gracious soul,
the innocent one with a feeble voice,
chuckled at the ignorance of the mind.
" You poor thing, you, she said,
don't you see? are you blind?,
you can only love yourself,
when you are selfless.
The universe is within us and 
we are within the universe.
Love is that state of being 
which transcends and
does not coerce."


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Giving up

Slowly, Steadily,it creeps
Eating me up from within
Be oblivious I say to self
But my self doesn't pay heed.
Giving up slowly I realise,
it is a slow poison, working
cunningly maliciously in me.

I have to combat, I say
running helter-skelter,
finding my refuge in 
spirits, herb and smoke, 
my antidotes.

Now, my body harbours two beings
One, closer to that supernatural
and damaged by thoughts. Other,
plunged in thoughts far from Above
supported by fellow free spirits.

Behind all those smiles, leaps
fooleries, cackles, 
lies a pool of tears.
Pat on the back to self, each day
for the commendable show put up.

Now, its time. "Enough!", 
said the softer voice.
time to break open and 
stand up against the enemies.
Time for the one to crush
the other being from within. 

But somewhere the softer being 
knows that it ain't so easy
and with that thought, it
crumbles, giving it all up.


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Reminiscing experiences

I know not anymore what I spoke
Albeit I know what I felt.
Memory is becoming a pariah to the mind
It is your touch that reminds me
of who I am and what want to be.
The early morning vulnerabilities,
emotional and physical
remind me of the time we had,
of the your breath,soothing me
back to bed.
And then, anxiety creeps,
Will the azure of the sea 
and sky ever be one?
Distance is the horizon,
you, the limitless sky and
I, the never-ending sea.

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Lost hope

Thoughts scattered in my head 
Like the smoke of my cigarette 
Here one moment 
Gone the next. 

What's there for me 
I know not. 
To seize the day 
Or cease to be. 

Spreading happiness around me
Is just a reflection 
Of what I want to be. 
Trying to fill in the gorge 
Left behind deep in me. 

Someone come to rescue
Before its too late. 
Lest I forget the world 
I once wanted to create 

Hoping for the light
In the end of the tunnel. 
In hoping for the light to
Bring back that sun 
I have lost the hope that once 
Adorned my smile. 

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Unfaltering Faith


Battered self
loathed self
worthless self.
Incomplete phrases,
few words defining self.
Hold your ground they said,
spilt all over self.
Where to go
what to do
What is next?
words resounding in my head.

Hovering around in blank space
when things around are crumbling.
how shall collect all the 
broken pieces of me
and patch them together to find my ground?

I am like  the particles of dust
All over and yet no where.
Waiting for that drop of rain 
to settle me down,
having found my ground.


Be Naked to me

What is your truth?
who are you?
I don't know whether
this is the being who 
seems to be you

Remove that mask,
tell me your story,
be naked to me, 

How do you expect me
to trust you with 
everything that I own?
If there is a constant 
apprehension in me.

Remove that mask,
tell me your story,
be naked to me, 

I am certain, it is 
not my insecurities 
that speak now.
It is a voice from 
within, free now.

Remove that mask,
tell me your story,
be naked to me,

It is that voice 
which you have for so long
stubbed, just as you would, 
to your cigarette.
It is time, tell me.

Remove that mask,
Tell me your story,
only then, be naked to me,