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Reminiscing experiences

I know not anymore what I spoke
Albeit I know what I felt.
Memory is becoming a pariah to the mind
It is your touch that reminds me
of who I am and what want to be.
The early morning vulnerabilities,
emotional and physical
remind me of the time we had,
of the your breath,soothing me
back to bed.
And then, anxiety creeps,
Will the azure of the sea 
and sky ever be one?
Distance is the horizon,
you, the limitless sky and
I, the never-ending sea.

first post

Hello world!

Amazing how wordpress prompts you to write even if you are not inspired here I go! Well, Hello World!

My blog post named verissima me, meaning, genuinely me.

i have created this blog so that I could be genuinely and anonymously myself , So that i could reach you to people and people could reach out to me. Tucked in the midst of the forest in a small town in south of India, here I am presenting my happiness , woes, fears and excitement about life.

In this wide wide world, when one has no choice nor resources, one’s last resort for a “hideout” is the internet where one can be anonymous.

In search of anonymity, I have found my solace here and hoping to cure myself.