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Reminiscing experiences

I know not anymore what I spoke
Albeit I know what I felt.
Memory is becoming a pariah to the mind
It is your touch that reminds me
of who I am and what want to be.
The early morning vulnerabilities,
emotional and physical
remind me of the time we had,
of the your breath,soothing me
back to bed.
And then, anxiety creeps,
Will the azure of the sea 
and sky ever be one?
Distance is the horizon,
you, the limitless sky and
I, the never-ending sea.

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Lost hope

Thoughts scattered in my head 
Like the smoke of my cigarette 
Here one moment 
Gone the next. 

What's there for me 
I know not. 
To seize the day 
Or cease to be. 

Spreading happiness around me
Is just a reflection 
Of what I want to be. 
Trying to fill in the gorge 
Left behind deep in me. 

Someone come to rescue
Before its too late. 
Lest I forget the world 
I once wanted to create 

Hoping for the light
In the end of the tunnel. 
In hoping for the light to
Bring back that sun 
I have lost the hope that once 
Adorned my smile. 


Dance the depressed weather away!

What is the best way of coming out of your slumber on a depressed day? depressed because it is grey all around and Mr sun is acting pricey! it is dirty dancing! Yes, just plugin your ear plugs and play all sorts of peppy songs on full volume- remember you are the only one listening, and dance your heart out till you are totally tired, panting and can feel your heartbeats.

P.S- you can only do this exercise when you are alone, that way your true self will be unleashed, and you will surprise yourself. Trust me.

Yes, this is what I just did to shake myself up from bed. This incessant rain and misty weather can get to you and I only realised it when I caught myself staring at the ceiling blankly! I literally have been in a limbo the whole weekend.. laying cosily under blanket and coming out only when I am forced by my bodily needs! 😉 I haven’t stepped out of my door, the condition is so bad!

And this is how my weekend quickly visited me and disappeared before coming back again hopefully soon. Waiting desperately for the sun to show up and energise and kick me back to my regular  and active life. How was your weekend?